is commentary. Photography says more about the photographer than the subject itself. The world Ansel Adams captured does not exist. It could not exist outside the careful preparation, instinctual certainty and darkroom virtuosity of the man behind the lens. The photographer seeks perfection from the chaos of nature. Patterns from complexity. Complexity from the commonplace. The world is not black & white. The world is not in color. The world is only as we see it.

Here’s a few galleries from over the years.

another way

there and back (2022)

I love window seats!

I know many people opt for the aisle seat in order that they may have easy access to the coveted, spacious in-air lavatories (quite understandable as enticing as they are!).

I love to fly…

I know that for many people it’s simply a chore – an inconvenience to get from one end of the country to the other – but for me as a casual flier (just infrequent enough to make it still an adventure), I enjoy the experience of the take-off and that wonderful braking sensation you get as they drop the flaps down on final approach. What I don’t fly for is to use the lavatory (as enticing as it is!). In fact, I can barely remember the last time I used one (in flight, that is, not on the ground).

I’m every business flier’s worst nightmare. Rather than pull my shade down tightly – as they all tend to do should they be unfortunate enough to find themselves trapped against the dreaded window – I keep mine wide open, letting in all the dazzling pristine sunlight as I observe the passing landscape 30,000 feet below. I can’t get enough of the changing scenery, even filtered through the smallish, thick, often scratched and smudged stretched acrylic, as I try to digitally capture as much of it as I possibly can.

So here’s a few shots from my recent trip to Santa Rosa, California (by way of Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth). Enjoy – and be thankful you weren’t sitting next to me trying to get some much needed shuteye before your five o’clock appointment!



(more galleries to follow…)