We had a little glitch there but all is well. Sadly, djedfre is no more – long live Pox-America! You can still visit djedfre, but I wouldn’t recommend it – not unless you have a hankering for Chinese spam. On the positive side, I think everyone can now confidently pronounce the name of my revised site – and I don’t have to give a lecture on Old Kingdom pharaohs to explain what it all means. Life becomes decidedly less dangerous again…

As for the site, you know the drill – not complete – never will be.  As always, it will remain in a constant state of flux – but (hopefully) in a good way!  So stop by now and again and enjoy the gaps and omissions – they are always full of promise.


It seems like just a little over two years ago I was welcoming a brand new Pox progeny into the world – that being the critically ignored So Sorry About North America – available via my bandcamp site as either a digital download – or as a fully fungible three-dimensional paper and plastic conversation piece! Of course, that was long ago – before The Event (barely) – and now, I am quite happy to announce the imminent release of Poiesis, the fourth in a continuing series. Rhythm, blues, roots rock, country, you say? Sure, whatever – you can always dream!

(Obviously, I have a bit of work ahead of me rebuilding this site and adapting to a new “theme” – but before long, you’ll be awash in glorious new content!)

– chris block, february 2022